12:30 dismissal Friday and $1 Dress Down.  Report Cards for parents


READING:  Finish classwork

Math:  questions on LL

Science:  Worksheets on lab due Thursday 

8th Grade SS

8B  Do all comprehension questions for 7.1 as well lesson assessment questions.

8A:  Page 426 and 427 #1-3 and #10

7th Grade:  Google/Research the history and benefits of “trial by jury,” and “representative government.”  Paragraph for each.

6th Grade: Write 2 details (note-taking) for each page 100-107.  Define your vocab that are on only these pages (in notebook). Answer all MAP questions on these pages.  This includes the questions for the map on page 101.

5th Grade:  List 10 products in your house from your clothes to items in the kitchen cabinet.  Google where it comes from (country) and write all of it down.  Include the name brand of the item.  For example, don’t write my t-shirt, but do write my Nike t-shirt.    Also reread 112-113 and define those vocab words. (3)