Walk-A-Thon Tuesday

Bring lunch and wear uniform if you are not participating.  


8th Grade

Math: Test on Thursday
ELA: Page 36 – 41. Read and complete questions
Science: Essay on Era

8th SS

All vocab should be on flashcards and continue to bring in index cards.  This is homework and it will be considered incomplete if cards are not brought in .

Complete the following questions in paragraph form in your notebook.

  1. Why was adding Texas to the nation so controversial?
  2. How did “54 40 or Fight!” tie into many people’s views on Manifest Destiny? ** Research this via internet for homework and also use notes to answer these questions.
  3. How did religion influence the idea of Manifest Destiny?
  4. What were some moral conflicts of Manifest Destiny as they pertained to mission complexes that were home to many Native Americans.

7th Grade:

Using the guidelines from class; create a chart indicating the economic, political, technological advances and societal characteristics of each of the three regions of the colonies. (New England, Middle, Southern)

All vocab on flashcards.  Study your vocabulary for this topic (New England Colonies lesson only)

5th and 6th

Lesson comprehension questions throughout the passages (which include any map analysis) from Friday’s lesson.  Lesson Assessment at end of lesson (5th Grade is titled Reading Check)  Index cards for new vocab this week.  

All students began the activities in class.