Reading:  Read Chapter 15 and answer the questions below in your notebook.  Why does Dep say the water coming from the borehole is muddy?  What are the orphans living with Salva are called in America? Where does Salva go from Ifo to prepare for his trip to America?  What one thing does Salva remember clearly from his preparations to go to America?  What does Salva has to drink on the airplane that reminds him of his family?  Describe Salva’s new family?  Extension Question:

Salva stops just before leaving the airport because he realizes he is leaving his old life behind him.  After his long journey, why do you think this particular place and moment makes him have this realization?

ELA:  Cite evidence on pages 66, 67, (A, B, C, D).  Also, read pages 68 and 69 and complete the Comprehension Check 1-10.

Social Studies:  Google search the History and benefits of Trial by Jury.  Also, research representative government.

Math:  7-11/numbers 2,4,6, 8                    Reminders:  12:30 dismissal on Friday, Dec. 6. 

Science:  pg. 100, Lesson 4.                                               1.00 dress down.

Grade 8 Reading:  Finish vocabulary started in class.  Write sentence from page the word is located on and determine meaning of word using context clues.