Reminders Tomorrow Thanksgiving Lunch Monies are due

5th Grade SS

Page 84-91.  All comprehension questions, map and quick check throughout our reading. 

6th Grade

Research an image or images of architecture or art in the Middle East via google. 

Read up until page 93 and do questions #1-3.

7th Grade 

Research images about upstate and Western New York state.

Read about the  “Town Meetings,” Triangular Trade and the Atlantic Slave Trade

8th Grade

8A  Do questions 9-12 on pages 363-364 in notebook.

8A ELA Finish vocabulary and questions

8B Combine questions #1-4 that were posted on Web site on 11/10–11/11

These should become the three body paragraphs of an essay on Manifest Destiny.  So combine #1&2 into a paragraph.  Question 3 is its own paragraph as well as question 4.  Do not do intro or conclusion as we will do that in class.

Use your texts and you’re allowed to research via google.