8A REMINDERS  ALL FORMS SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN RETURNED.  Detention will be given if they are not returned.  Diploma forms, medical forms, contact information, Title One Orientation Forms for those that received them and any other items that are long overdue.  


Religion test on two questions from last week’s hw is on Thursday.  Be prepared.  

8A:  Math 2-1 #41-55 odd

Write one paragraph a ou a national holiday in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec by THURSDAY

ASL:  Quiz next Tuesday

Sci: pg 54 – 61  Define words

Register for TACHS Test

Religion Test Thursday


8th Grade:

Read 323-336 and answer the “comprehension check” questions throughout the text but not the lesson assessment questions

Study your themes and notes from class today.  Be able to answer a short response question applying the concepts from today.  

7th Grade: pg 20 #1-5 

6th Grade:   All vocab listed in today’s notes must be defined in notebook.  Textbook page 22 questions #2 and #4 on looseleaf paper.

Test will be in two parts beginning this Friday Oct. 4th with a take home written response, assessing how students use their sources to find information.  The second part of the test will be given Monday in class.

5th Grade:  Read pages 32-40 and complete vocabulary in notebook.