6th Grade Homework – June 6, 2022


Science- List 5 animals that hibernate and write 1 paragraph about innate behavior (ex: what is it? who has innate behaviors? what are some innate behaviors? do you have any?)

Math– Finish any math work & 35 min of I ready due tonight 

SS- finish any classwork

ELA– 60 min of I-ready by Saturday

Religion– work on speech

5,7,8th Grade Homework

5th– none

7th – 2 paragraphs about today’s videos (ex: what did you learn? What products are in your food? Are you going to keep eating foods with chemicals?)

8th– None 


  • Bring in supplies for the party
  • Friday is a $2.00 dress down
  • Friday is a 12:30 dismissal