1st Grade Classwork/Homework March 26, 2020


  1. fix    2. fixes   3. class   4. classes   5. wish   6. wishes   7. kiss   8. kisses  9. bus  10. buses  11.friends  12. very Write new list words 3x each       
  2. Reader    Pg 84-85, 86-87, 88-89,  90-91 Go over these pages several times
  3. Reading WB  Pg 345-346
  4. Math Pg 175-176
  5. Religion:  Pray with your family for everyone to be healthy and safe
  6. On a piece of Drawing Paper Write a simple Prayer:  Dear God Please make everyone healthy and safe  and Draw a beautiful picture of  a Happy World  (Colorful, Bright, Sunny, Flowers, Trees and Kids Together!!)Please take a picture of this and sent to my email  by tomorrow  Can’t wait to see them!!