Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to remind you all that Monday will be the Vocabulary test. I will include the definitions I will be using on the test below. The students did copy them in class. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Ms. Carrozza



                                                 Vocabulary Words 


Slanted: sloping or leaning in a particular direction.


Winding: a twisting movement or course.


Sloping: inclined from a horizontal or vertical line.


Giant: of very great size or force.


Bold: To take risks; confident and courageous.


Ancient: belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence.


Alert: To warn (someone) of a danger, threat, or problem


Cautious: Careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.


Interesting: Causing curiosity or interest.


Brain:  the control center for the body, located in your skull.